Kurjen tila – Community village and a biodynamic farm

Kurjen tila (a free translation of this name would be "the Crane Farm")  is located in Western Finland by the lake Pyhäjärvi, ca 170 km from the Finnish capital Helsinki. There is public transport to the farm, although connections are somewhat limited.

The history of the farm can be traced back all the way to the 13th century. In March 2011 the farm was bought by four families with a vision: they wanted to turn it into a biodynamic farm and build an ecological community village alongside it. Since then, ground has been broken on five house construction sites in the village. First three of these houses are already inhabited by the families building them.

The farm consists of the main building (1923) and various farm buildings with a welcoming old garden between them. South of the main building lays the village itself, currently there are five new houses being built by the families in the community. The farm has 200 meters of shoreline.

the farm

The farm cultivates roughly 30 hectares of biodynamically-maintained fields and natural pastures. For domestic animals, there are between 16-20 heads of finncattle, some 20 finnsheep ewe's and around 20 hens. On top of that, there are several cats and dogs aswell.

The farm is managed by Ari and Ira Hellstén. Ari manages the arable farming, whereas Ira is a gardener. Animal care is done together. Gardening work, weeding and harvesting are a matter of great importance in the year cycle of the farm. All these seasonal duties are open for the people of the village and surrounding areas to attend. 

The underlying idea with the farm is to enrich the life of the villagers and and visitors of Kurjen tila around the year. The primary goal of course being the production of first-class biodynamic produce, be it carrots, cabbage or beef. 


The land and co-used buildings on the farm are owned by Kurki Farm Ltd. Families moving into the village pay a rent for their building lots and each family will build their own house. There will be eight new buildings and the existing two houses will house one family each. All in all there will be 10 households residing in the village. 

the eco-village association

The eco-village association of Kurjen Tila organizes cultural, social and international projects at the estate. The association arranges activities such as the harvest fair in the fall, different types of events for children as well as the entry of foreign voluntary workers to Kurjen Tila. 

Alongside these self-organized events, different artists, musicians and actors hold their show's in our milieu.