October, holidays for the little volonteers : let's drive until NordKapp ! Squeezed in a camper, house and means of transport for one week, we are leaving Kurjen Tila, ready to live a new adventure all together. We will realize soon that the travel until the end of the north is almost never-ending. 1430 km. We could have all come back home with this distance ! But anyway, NordKapp was waiting for us ! 


So we did our best to reach it as soon as possible, after a little visit to Santa Claus, of course. Step back in our childhood, the magic is here and we can see stars in everyone eyes during this couple of hours. Hello Hello Hello Santa and thank you !


The goal was to see the sunset where we can't go further. Guess what : we did it ! And it was stunning ! Apocalyptic landscape, earth and sea in harmony, fresh wind... The end of the world is one of the best place ever ! The never ending road until this point was forgotten in the blink of an eye. At this moment, everything was clear, we were suppose to be here, and mother earth was giving us every gift we could have, nothern lights included. Oh my... No words, just smiles. Enormous smiles and stars in the eyes. Again ! 


In our way back, following the fjörds, green sky every night and stunning landscapes in every corner of road. We crossed the border between Norway, Sweden and Finland under the snow. Enought snow to build a snowman on the top of a hill, after a little snowball fight, obviously. 


Let's be honest, THIS was probably the best adventure of our Finland experience ! Let's sleep for one month now !